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Author: Dan

a commitment to something greater

Reading Time: 1 minuteThere is a veneer, a cultural Christianity. That’s not appealing to people anymore…. Feeling good about yourself is not enough. It has to be life-transforming, with doctrine, practice and behavior in the world, and a commitment to something...

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seeing past divisions

Reading Time: 5 minutesIn 2003, my family visited a neighborhood Church of Christ congregation. We had left the denomination in 1997 but went out of respect for relatives in town for the weekend. One of them decided to fill out a visitor card for us—you know, the card that says you want more information and the church should contact you. A few days later, a letter came thanking us for visiting and inviting us to return. It also highlighted what set this congregation apart. Such letters are common—and they are usually short, a few sentences at most. welcome…and here’s what we’re against...

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“joy for what lies waiting”

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen I started blogging in 2006, I was a different man in a different place. I was 42; my oldest was in middle school, my youngest not even in kindergarten; I was about 30 pounds heavier; I was married and virtually incapacitated by panic attacks (these last two are not unrelated). I was teaching growth-track classes at a megachurch and active in their small group ministry. That was Dan version 1.5 or 6. Now, I’m 51; Zack has started his career (I have an adult child!), Anna is in middle school, and Isaac is in high school;...

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a brief history of my life in church

Reading Time: 5 minutesWhat follows is an overview of my spiritual history by way of my life in church; think of it as another kind of “about” page. my journey in 5 quick steps… I grew up in the Churches of Christ, went charismatic in 1997, then nondenominational evangelical in 2001, became an Episcopalian in 2012, and now I’m a Methodist. …or, a brief history of my life in church steps 1 and 2: from a capella to speaking in tongues… On both sides, I come from at least two generations in the Churches of Christ, and I value the...

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