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This blog runs on Word­Press with Rem­Com’s excel­lent host­ing; cof­fee, bis­cot­ti, and a com­fort­able space are equal­ly cru­cial ele­ments.

technical stuff

I write on a Mac­Book Air and an iPad Air using Byword for com­pos­ing and Marked for pre­view. Oth­er indis­pens­able tools include:

making it look good

I’m using MeanTheme’s Lit­er­ary with some minor tweaks — they offer excep­tion­al sup­port. The site title is set in Fed­eri­co Hand, the body in Cal­lu­na, and head­ings in Cal­lu­na Sans — all served by Type­kit. The path and trees image at the top of the site is from